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We Get IT!  Really we do. We know this appointment is a time where you can unwind from the stress of the day. Enjoy our coffee bar and refreshments. Its just The Cut Above way.

Having a tough day, week month lets talk about it while we transform you to fabulous. Why should you settle for just a "Hair person" or "Skin care person" when you could have a hair sensei, your therapist who listens to you with an open ear! when it comes to your skin care be set free with a treatment to lift your skin and your soul.

Come one, come all, The Cut Above beauty Masters go to beauty battle on your behalf. Yes I said MASTERS! Masters of the follicular arts who make your flyways, cowlicks, color, mishaps, and grown out roots disappear. DON'T FORGET our Makeover Masters who can create a flawless face that will make people stop and stare. Add in a body treatment, hair removal, spray tan,Lash Extensions, NON-SURGICAL LIPO SUCTION (fat reduction treatment) and then complete your finished look by receiving a  facial from our Aesthetic experts. 

Looking BEYOND the SPA our Permanent, yes I said Permanent Makeup Professional specializes in Microblading, Micro-shading, 3D brow work, Lash lift, eye Liner top and Bottom, Lip Liner and Full Lips.

By the time you are done with us, you will be so fabulous that you will become the envy of everyone around you.

This is why we make  THE CUT with SAS!   The Cut Above SALON & SPA